Getting up-loads onto our ETQA database



Marietta van Rooyen

We never imagined that the simple uploading of data onto the ETDP Seta database could be so hard and so detrimental to our business. It is our responsibility to keep meticulous record of all our learners according to the NLRD requirements. This we have done. (Just for the record, we have done a download of information specific to the Services Seta onto their system and there was no problem.)

The good news is that we got about 3 000 of our learners uploaded onto the ETDP Seta IT system. The bad news is that we still have not received endorsement letters for about 1 500 of these learners.

The ETDP Seta needs to endorse assessor qualifications before they can register as assessors with their own ETQAs. This means that all other ETQAs are depending on the ETDP Seta for endorsement of their trained assessors.

However, the ETDP Seta never had a proper information system in place and only last year put out a tender for an IT system. Even though they now have an IT provider, our problems are not over yet.

Providers duly registered their assessors from the start. This year we were informed that they must all re-register. This time around some assessors were not granted registration on the standards they have been registered on all along.

This happened without the assessors being deregistered and without notice to the assessors. It meant that the information of learners assessed by these assessors could not be uploaded.

In the past, hard copies were delivered to the ETDP Seta, where it was captured on their (very primitive) system. I believe much of this information has now been lost. In March 2004 a number of boxes with hard copies of data were returned to us, due to the fact that the ETDP Seta changed over to another system.

They requested that we upload our learners? information electronically by re typing all the data onto disks. We did not think this was necessary as we had all the information in electronic format already. We spent days capturing past learners onto our electronic system.

Since then we attempted to upload our learner information to the ETDP Seta without any success. We have spent at least an additional R15 000 to match the new ETDP Seta system.

In March 2005 we received 3400 letters of endorsement from the ETDP Seta. We could only post out 590 of these, as the rest were duplications. In all, since May 2003, we should have about 10 000 learners registered on the NLRD.

The saga goes on. Our colleagues from other providers tell us they have the same problems, especially where they are dealing with large numbers of learners.

If you are one of the learners who has not received your endorsement letter yet, please bear with us as we work with the Seta to remedy these problems. Any enquiries can be sent to [email protected]

This article was published with the permission of Assessment College>