A giant amongst network and platform competitors


The global networking solutions and connectivity market is growing. Opportunity and increased investment has resulted in a rapid increase in both the volume of product and number of operators. Competition is fierce, service has to be sharp and equal to the task - there is little room for error. No company knows the landscape better than Network Platforms

South Africa?s Network Platforms is an IT Solutions Provider to the country?s growing ICT market. It provides a comprehensive range of services and technology that directly transforms internal IT managed services, managed connectivity and cloud services.

It is a tightly-organised offering that is designed to meet the immediate and long-term technology aspirations of a broad market, including small-to-medium sized organisations, private clients and large enterprises.

Established in 2003 Network Platforms has served as the premier service provider to clients for over a decade. Over the years the company has fine-tuned its service portfolio and adapted to the ever-changing dynamics and emerging trends that characterise the domestic technology industry.

Its value proposition lies in solutions that address requirements related to ADSL connectivity, Diginet; Fibre, Microwave and 3G connectivity, IT management, VPN management, infrastructure monitoring, IP PBX/ VoIP and cloud services.

To have achieved this level of success and a current turnover of 13million, and to continue to distinguish itself amongst competitors, Network Platforms relies on its exemplary, in-house skill sets and HR. This team is led by Bradley Love, MD of Network Platforms.

Love is no stranger to service delivery and commercial business development. Prior to joining Network Platform, he started and successfully ran a UK-based import business.

Over the years he has learnt a great deal about business development, resource utilisation and application. One of the most important lessons, he claims, is "reinvestment and investing the necessary time into the recruitment process.'

Another bit of advice he has always kept close at hand is that "cash flow is king'. By his own admission, Love has made "a few mistakes' but none that had lasting, dramatic consequences. "In business communications, there is always a backup plan in place,' Love quips.

Having moved into the managed services and ISP space, Love has applied his expertise and experience to help grow Network Platforms into a competitive entity with a compliment of 13 staff members.

"There has always been steady growth, but Network Platforms truly came into its own was when it reinvested into internal infrastructures, allowing for more control and uptime, which, in turn, resulted in more profitable service,' said Love.

Looking ahead Network Platforms currently has two datacentres in place and the business is of plan to double this capacity and establish four datacentres in the near future.

"We operate in a high-growth sector which is dependent on IT solutions and will play an increasingly important role in the development of businesses and sustainability of the economy,' Love adds.

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