Give them wings, and they will fly

The Mindspa Institute’s passion lies with educating and training individuals who want to better themselves with skills in leadership, management and various other soft skills. One of the pro bono focus areas this year was to contribute knowledge and skills towards The Wings Project. This Project is a Tshwane Child Welfare initiative born in 2016, and aimed at equipping youngsters leaving the care facility, with life skills and soft skills to grow and make a positive impact in society.

Unfortunately 60% of children become reliant again on the welfare grants once they have exited the system. “We try to break the cycle both at Bramley and with the children in foster care, by equipping them with the skills they need to be independent adults and contribute towards communities and society rather than relying on others,” Mrs. Hanlie Delport Marketing Manager: Child Welfare Tshwane commented.

During March to November at Bramley Children’s Home a variety of workshops are presented to the children in their care as well as foster children. They cater for both boys and girls in combined and separate sessions where they cover aspects like finances, sex, basic care, cooking as well as life readiness skills.

During one of these sessions, Mrs. Elmarie Pretorius, owner and facilitator at The Mindspa Institute, explained to the children that being mad sometimes is allowed. She taught them that sometimes you are dealt a bad hand in life but starting at a disadvantage doesn’t mean that you have to end in one. She helped them with boosting their self-confidence so as to cope with what life throws at them when they leave childcare.

After the session one could see that the children felt positive and that they enjoyed it immensely. They learned that you only get one chance; that you should not live in the past, but to put it behind you and focus on the future. Mrs. Pretorius explained that a mind shift should be made and that it is their choice to live a different life onward. All the children had tremendous appreciation for all the knowledge passed onto them. The session ended with valuable wisdom on how not to let other people’s baggage become your own and drown you out.

“Elmarie’s positive outlook on life, her love for youngsters and her energized, spontaneous vitality is contagious. These children need such role models and she definitely left a lasting impression that made a deep impact on them,” Mrs. Delport commented.

The Mindspa Institute Training Company is accredited by the Services Seta and Merseta. For more information please visit or email [email protected] or phone 010 1100 227.