Good BEE transformation the foundation for sustainability


AdaptIT Holdings is in its fifth month after a prestigious merger between InfoWave and Adapt-IT (Pty) Ltd. The KZN based listed company has a rich history of genuine transformation under its belt to brag about. Being in the top 20 of the most empowered companies on the JSE, Adapt IT has a few secrets to success that have enabled it to shine above the rest.

A successful provider of innovative information management solutions, AdaptIT has retained its good business conduct while ensuring that its BEE status is improving. Tiffany Dunsdon, Commercial Director of AdaptIT and former CEO of InfoWave, believes strongly in this policy. As the CEO of InfoWave, Dunsdon commented on her BEE policy, "We've been transforming since inception because it's the morally correct thing to do as a citizen in South Africa and we see this as a business imperative to help build SA."

Infowave initially supported Sbu Shabalala, then a former employee, to create his own business Adapt-IT in 2004. This developed into a strong working relationship. Dunsdon said of the relationship at the time, "We backed a very successful entrepreneur. We happened to have scored full BEE accreditation points for having done so and the relationship continues to be very successful for both parties."

Now that the two companies, InfoWave and Adapt-IT (Pty) Ltd have merged and become AdaptIT Holdings, Dunsdon's vision, along with prodigious entrepreneur Sbu Shabalala, is that of a company that strives for genuine transformation will ensure the foundation for a sustainable and successful future.

"Shabalala's new role as the CEO of AdaptIT Holdings is essential to this business. His entrepreneurial flair and IT knowledge extend beyond mine which makes him the most suitable for the role to take the company further.

That he happens to be black is only an advantage to our BEE compliance, but not the reason he is CEO."

With experience in sales and marketing as well as IT, Shabalala complements Dunsdon's financial skills. "We work together well because we are able to answer different needs within the company. This is an essential aspect to the success of a business," says Dunsdon.

"I see AdaptIT becoming a leading company throughout South Africa and beyond. Already, we have our feelers out in other countries and are beginning to grow our Durban enterprise into Gauteng. Our strengths are many. Together with our policy to continue to improve our BEE status, we have a strong acquisition and growth strategy, strong client retention and excellent IT skills.

We've been doing what we believe is right rather than running after metrics. We will continue to invest further in transformation, in particular, in the domain of skills development where we can add value to both our employees and our customers."