Good managers are not born, they're made


As the business climate remains unpredictable, organisations are required to
deliver more with fewer resources, which brings huge challenges in terms of

But it also becomes an issue for managers as they're faced with having to earn
employees? implicit trust, to motivate and engage effectively, and to lead with

"Continuous professional learning is vital to run sustainable organisations,' says
Jon Foster-Pedley, dean of Henley Business School South Africa."It's imperative that
managers are equipped with the proper skills to conquer the evolving leadership
challenges presented.'

As a global leader of executive development in 112 countries working closely with
a wide range of leading global organisations, Henley provides executive development
programmes that span across all management related areas with an immediate impact
seen in the workplace.

Foster-Pedley says, "Each programme builds leadership capability, enhances
management performance and ultimately makes a real difference in an

The executive programmes are highly practical and applicable to individual work
challenges and span four broad areas: Leadership and Management, Strategy and
Change, People and Organisation, Coaching and Facilitation.

The Henley Managers' Accelerated Progression Programme (MAP+) is for
experienced managers ready for advancement into more senior positions, and
seriousabout development in areas of finance, marketing, operations, economics and

Leadership for Collective Learning and Action (LCLA) is an intensive programme
for deeper personal insight that draws on collective intelligence, and enableslearners
to work in complex and unpredictable climates.Over the past 17 years more than 350
participants from business, government, higher education and NGOs have graduated
from the LCLA, and have achieved significant success. It is a favourite for thinking
managers, facilitators, coaches and leaders.

The Henley Professional Certificate in Coaching is an international qualification
accredited in the UK. Coaching has become a vital component of the development
strategy in leading organisations, and complements all other learning and
management processes.

These courses were formed from future-facing collaborative research, undertaken
within Henley's internationally-renowned research centres and centres of
excellence.When on course, learners undergo face-to-face interactive learning with
state-of-the-art virtual environments, independent study and experiential learning.

George Sutherland of Sutherland Health says, "The MAP+ course has allowed me to
revisit business strategy and question direction. Time out to talk to peers in other
companies was very valuable. It has reinvigorated me and rekindled the desire to
push on with my business.'

Some of Henley?s corporate clients include: 3M, SAB, Aegon, Beiersdorf,
Discovery, Barclays, Canon, Absa Capital, Deutsche Telekom, ACSA, Fujitsu, Henkel,
Multichoice, IBM, KPMG, Microsoft, Eskom, the National School of Government, Shell,
Siemens, Vodafone, and Zurich.

Henley's faculty expertise spans across MBA, leadership, international business,
real estate, finance, strategic management, marketing, human resource management
and international economic development.

As Europe's oldest business school and being active in SA since 1992, Henley has
over 60 years of experience and expertise in developing managers and leaders of the
future. Henley is the only overseas business school accredited by the South African
Council on Higher Education, and are the international business school with
international triple-accreditation in Africa.