Good News! Telkom Grants Free Access To Educational Websites



Telkom SA logo

In light of the growing number of Covid-19 (Noval Coronavirus) cases in the country, Telkom SA will be zero-rating a range of educational websites that would otherwise require paid data usage.

The communications giant released a statement on Monday announcing the release of zero-rated educational content. This will help students to study from home by providing free access to some of South Africa’s educational facility websites. This is to ensure uninterrupted teaching and learning.

Telkom says that subscribers will have free access to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases and the South African government’s coronavirus portal, stating that “this is in addition to the information being distributed to subscribers”.

This will help to educate readers on the latest Covid-19 developments, precautions, and advice.

Telkom has also provided learners access to a wide range of educational links - granting students access to the websites and resources of SA’s universities, universities of technologies, and TVET colleges.

This will allow students to log in to their university or college accounts to access study material, submit assignments and more; even when they do not have mobile data available on their mobile devices.

This will also assist those in search of future study options.

Follow this link to view the graph and access the resources: