Good news for worried 2018 Matriculants

Did you know every year thousands of newly qualified matriculants compete for limited first-year places at traditional tertiary educational institutions? If you haven’t qualified for admission for your studies, for a particular course or have not been accepted due to limited places, there are definitely options for you!

Alternate educational paths can lead to a successful career. Here are some options for Matriculants to consider:

· Investigate studying further at one of South Africa’s private tertiary education institutions, towards qualifications that will provide you with sought after skills to enter the workplace.

· Options available to students who did not meet tertiary entry requirements include the Foundation Programmes that are precursors to degree programmes:

The Foundation Programme such as the one offered by Monash South Africa (MSA), is a one year course targeted at students who do not currently meet the entry requirements for direct entry into an undergraduate degree.

o After successfully completing this course, students will be able to enrol for a Bachelor’s degree relating to a particular study stream.

o The MSA Foundation Programme is split into six study streams which directly relate to a relevant undergraduate degree. These include Law, Social Science, Business and Economics, Information Technology, Science and Health Sciences.

· Matriculants who have not secured a place, can also consider alternatives to traditional degrees that are stepping stones to continuing with a degree. For example:

o An alternative to a traditional degree is MSA’s CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting Management.

o This is a pathway for graduates to become accounting professionals by providing them with recognised certification in the fundamentals of accounting, economics, ethics, corporate governance and law.

o This qualification also acts as an entry route to the Professional CIMA Qualification, or even a Bachelor in Business Science (BBusSci) degree.

o School leavers interested in entrepreneurship can opt for a Diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations. This diploma should deliver a boost to your self-sufficiency and employability as the overwhelming majority, (91%) of local businesses are SMEs.

“Matriculants should know that despite not securing a place at a public institution of higher education, there are still many pathways available to them to receive qualifications and skills that enable them to find employment and kick off successful careers,” concludes Prof Louw, MSA’s President and Academic President.