Government fails to meet its employment equity targets


Cabinet says government is aiming at a 50 percent equity target for women at all levels of senior management in the public service by 2009.

Currently, women constitute about 29 percent of management in the public service, which is below the 30 percent target set for 2005.
At the level of directors-general, women constitute about 19 percent.

Government spokesperson Joel Netshitenzhe said Cabinet agreed in its meeting yesterday that there was a need to address issues of training, the work environment and high turnover rates among women.

Examining progress in meeting employment equity targets, Mr Netshitenzhe said Cabinet had also approved a two percent target for people with disabilities in the public service by 2010.

"It was also noted that while in the past few years an increasing number of persons with disability had been employed, the target for 2005 had not been met,' he said.

He said the low intake of people with disabilities in the public service was of great concern to government.

In this regard, government would work with organisations of people with disabilities in its quest to achieve the target.

Meanwhile, Cabinet welcomed mounting participation in and awareness among South Africans of the campaign for 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Child Abuse.

It also noted that 2006 would coincide with major anniversaries in the history of the struggle for democracy.

These include the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution, the 30th anniversary of the Soweto uprisings and the 50th anniversary of the Women?s March to the Union Buildings, as well as the centenary of the Bhambatha rebellion.

Mr Netshitenzhe said an inter-ministerial committee led by Arts and Culture Minister Pallo Jordan had been set up to prepare for these anniversaries.

Thapelo Sakoana - BuaNews