Government to hire FET college staff


Educators at FET colleges will no longer be hired by their respective institutions
once government implements it latest scheme to supervise employment at state

According to Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande, the plan is
expected to "revitalise post-schooling education.'

The department will take control of human resources at all FET colleges by April
"All permanent workers who are in the FET colleges by April next year will be full-time
state employees. Colleges are not universities, they are state institutions.'

This means that government will also take over the administration of employee

It's no secret that the department has committed to revamping FET colleges and
making it an "institution of choice'. This initiative is one of many in a long line of
schemes to improve the quality of education at FET colleges.

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What do you think?

Do you agree with this plan? Will this control be abused?