Government Invests In Tourism Sector

The Department of Tourism has launched a programme to encourage innovation in the tourism sector. The programme will be launched in collaboration with the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). 

The Tourism Technology Grassroots Innovation Incubation Programme (TTGIIP) will help start-up enterprises in the tourism industry. The department hopes the programme will encourage technology and new business ideas that will transform the tourism sector. 

South Africans, between the age of 18 to 35 can submit their proposals to the department before the closing date on 8 January 2021.

“The purpose of TTGIIP is to provide a pipeline of young South African tourism-tech entrepreneurs, who can enhance or disrupt the industry, as well as introduce new concepts that will help boost, sustain and create more jobs in the tourism sector,” the department said.

Covid-19 has created a need for the tourism sector to be more innovative. The department said developments in technology will play a key role in the tourism sector's growth.

“Digitalisation...opens new frontiers, and improves resource management and competitiveness.

The programme will focus on four key elements:

  1. Providing entrepreneurs with skills development and training in order to strengthen their business management skills.
  2. Helping start-up businesses become compliant with regulations and more viable. 
  3. Helping businesses with start-up funding and capital.
  4. Facilitating market and trade linkages that will lead to the commercialisation of the enterprises.



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