Government Withdraws Warning Against US University


UPDATED 13TH SEPTEMBER: The Department of Higher Education and Training have withdrawn the warning they issued about the University of the People. They have confirmed to Skills Portal that they now accept that the UoPeople is accredited in the US and they do not have to register with the local department as they are operating fully from the US.

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has issued an urgent warning to prospective students and parents regarding a fake online American university that they say has been marketed as The University of the People (UoPeople).

The Department press release clarifies that 'the fraudulent university is not registered with the Department as required by law and as such do not have the authority to enrol students nor grant degrees'. 

The Department say that there is no evidence of the illegal American university’s accreditation with the United States Department of Education.
According to the marketing material intercepted by the DHET the University of the People will be launching in Johannesburg on Saturday 09 September 2017.

On its website ([email protected]) the bogus institution describes itself as "completely tuition-free” yet they require a non-refundable application and examination assessment fee.

It also claims to offer an Associate’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree in various fields and also degree’s in Business Administration, Computer Science and Health Science to students who are looking for higher education to improve their job prospects.