The happy training manager

As a training manager you may feel yourself being pulled in many different directions. You are expected to secure training that is suitable, affordable, and convenient and shows a return-on- investment.

According to training management specialist Monica Maroun this can be a daunting task as each department in an organisation has different needs.

In most cases these needs are only discovered as a result of a crisis or incident. This places added pressure on the training manager to outsource effective training in a short space of time.

Along with meeting the needs within the organisation, the training manager also has to keep abreast of legislative requirements.

Good training managers get the job done. Great training managers not only get the job done, but are innovative and look at better ways of training. “In short they don’t do what has always been done,” says Monica.

In order to be successful there are a few stumbling blocks training managers should avoid.

Maroun says, assumption and poor communication are amongst the biggest blunders training managers are guilty of.

“They assume that they know exactly what is required, without consulting stakeholders to establish the needs of staff.”

This is often seen when a group of trainees are only informed that they need to attend training on the day that the training is scheduled to take place.

“Assuming that everything is in place and that everyone has been informed could lead to unhappy employees who show up for training unprepared and with the wrong attitude.”

Planning is also a key aspect of the job, but often because of pressures from departmental managers planning is missed.

Despite these challenges, the problem-solving aspect of the job can bring a lot of satisfaction, and a sense of achievement when “it all comes together” and the training is successful.

“Trainees may not always see the value in learning, but it is gratifying when participants grow in confidence and realise that they are able to transfer their new knowledge and skills to their jobs.”

The Effective Training Management and Administration course, hosted by the Alusani Skills & Training Network® aims to help training managers successfully administer and manage their training functions.

The course is unique in that it is practical and interactive, giving participants the opportunity to discuss issues they are currently facing.

Participants are not simply loaded with theory, but are given a number of practical take-home techniques during the training programme. These exercises are all relevant to what is required in the workplace.

During the training, Monica also establishes other related needs within the group, and ensures that this is taken into consideration when providing post-course support.

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