Have you assessed your training provider?

It is becoming a common occurrence to hear about people who attend a course only to find out that their training provider is not an accredited Education and Training Institution.

There are people in this world that have no conscience and feel comfortable taking other peoples hard earned money by providing false information. It is SAD to know that this is still happening but that is the reality in many cases. What recourse is there for these paying individuals, when the qualification or certificate received is of no value?

If the institutions that monitor the education industry don’t do anything about this, it is up to individuals to become knowledgeable about training related matters and find out if training institutions are accredited by the required quality assurance organization.

What should you know?

All accredited institutions must have a document that confirms their accreditation with an accreditation number. Institutions should display this for everyone to see.

Private Training Providers belong to different SETAs (Sector Education and Training Authorities). Individuals can call the SETA to confirm the person's accreditation. Some SETAs have this information on their website.

Do enquiries about the institution before your sign any documents or pay for registration. Alternatively you can find people who understand how the education and training industry operates.

Besides the SETA as a source of information, use the Department of Higher Education and Training website, and the SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority)

To avoid wasting money and feeling frustrated be sure that you are happy that the Training Provider you have chosen will provide you with the quality of training and services you are looking for.

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