Health and Safety non-compliance a problem during lockdown

A media statement released by the Department of Employment and Labour reveals the outcome of recent workplace inspection conducted nationwide.

The Department of Employment and Labour’s Inspection and Enforcement Service (IES) unit found that, out of every 5 inspected organisations, only 2 businesses were complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

Starting on the 30th of April and ending on the 8th of May, the IES conducted 2789 workplace inspections – 411 of which took place at government and or state-owned enterprises - and found that 1237 organisations were non-compliant.

This resulted in the issuing of 1463 Contravention Notices, Improvement Notices and Prohibition Notices.

Inspector General, Aggy Moiloa says that "given the fact that the virus is spreading substantially, it is of great concern especially at those employers where there are long queues or people congregating.”

This is especially prevalent at government-related workplaces.

"We are shocked that many organisations are still struggling to comply with the OHS Act. It should be every organisation’s habit. No wonder we still have so many workplace accidents. Progressive organisations invest in the wellness of their employees"

The number of inspections conducted is set to increase as businesses increase operations and more employees start working again.