Helpful Communication Skills For Your Next Interview

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Jeffrey Klubeck, a communication expert from Get A Klu, Inc. Helps you understand what the 3 types of communication skills are and gives you tips on how to improve your confidence and non-verbal communication skills.


Listening Skills

Listening is an underrated communication skill. Klubeck reminds us that God gave us one mouth and two ears which means we should spend more time listening than talking. There is a difference between hearing and listening or observing. Hearing is the physiological process of the brain receiving sound and listening or observing is the psychological process of paying attention to that sound. Pay attention to what you’ve heard and then evaluate it and then respond. Open up all your senses to everything that you can observe which will put you in the best position possible to respond well.

Non-Verbal Communication Skills

It can be intentional or unintentional. What matters is what people see, what they are observing. Be aware of your posture and voice, your pace and tone. There are a lot of categories of non-verbal communication that you need to be conscious and aware of. Make good eye contact, sit up straight, smile or have a good gesture. If you can remind yourself to be intentional with your non-verbal communication, then you’re going to increase your chances of being an attractive job candidate.


Visualization is critical skill for the interview process. Before you actually go into the interview, close your eyes and imaging or visualize exactly how you want it to go. Visualize how positive it will be. Openness is also a good quality to have. Be open to everything around you in order to get what you want from the process. Ask questions and interview the company – ensure it’s a two-way street. And always remember to be yourself.

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Helpful Communication Skills For Your Next Interview



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