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Given the ongoing state of employee churn in the South African workplace, it is imperative for HR managers to not only retrain the right talent, but identify and grow those successful employees that show leadership potential. This will not only help the individual to grow and the company to succeed, but overall it will help that individual contribute positively towards economic, political and social change in South Africa. The new leaders will emerge from diverse communities, cultures and backgrounds and often require guidance, mentorship and training.

Expand the Leadership Equation

A recent study by the Centre for Creative leadership asked their insights panel (among other things) what excited them most about young people in the workforce today and what concerned them most. It turns out what excites them most about young people is their:

comfort and skill with technology
creativity and fresh ideas
global awareness and tolerance

At the same time, among the concerns voiced were:
the sense of entitlement/lack of work ethic young people seem to have
their lack of ability to communicate face-to-face
a lack of decision-making skills, and
their lack of learning opportunities, such as mentoring, positive role models, and training

Does this ring a bell in your organisation?
CorporateWise has developed a programme that meets the needs of young people, is suitable for Junior Managers and Supervisors and covers aspects ranging from managing staff to personal mastery. It will teach delegates the skills necessary to lead a team effectively. With this programme, CorporateWise hopes to help delegates learn, grow and evolve into tomorrow's responsible leaders who have the right ethics, passion and integrity to positvley influence and lead much needed social and economic transformation in South Africa.

"As a registered Services Seta provider, we hope to help companies develop responsible leaders with a bright future. Embracing EE and BB-BEE, companies can grow staff and use their internal capacity to mentor tomorrow's leaders."

CorporateWise has a limited offer launch special on this programme, consisting of 12 modules over a 6 week period. As individual modules, this programme would cost R 27000, but for the first 20 delegates, CorporateWise has discounted this to R 8500 which includes a guided study group, who meets on a regular basis for the duration of the course.

Kate Gerber - Owner CorporateWise

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