Here’s What NSFAS Said About The 75% Pass Rate

Nsfas officials

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has called a poster 'misleading' for claiming that students would need to achieve 75% in their modules to receive funding.

Earlier this week a South African publication displayed a poster that read ‘NSFAS wants 75% pass mark’. NSFAS have released a statement declaring the poster was deliberately misleading.

NSFAS’ 75% proposal related to the amount of modules a student would need to pass in order to continue receiving funding. For example, if a student has 4 modules, they would be required to pass at 3 of those modules in order to continue receiving funding.

They said

On the proposed 75% progression rule:

  1. The proposed policy is aimed at encouraging students to pass their courses and/or modules and not the pass mark as per the article.
  2. The proposed policy, if implemented, would only apply as of the 2023 academic year, and would not be applied to students who entered higher education for the first time, also referred to as FTEN students. This is in recognition of the transition that many students make from high school to university’. 

The proposal is still under consideration and this process is still ongoing as stakeholders are being consulted.

South African Union of Students (SAUS) Secretary-General Lukhanyo Daweti says his union rejects the proposal. He says the push from the current 50% required to 75% of the modules is quite huge. He argues that the policy must first be tested.

Universities South Africa Director of Operations Dr Linda Meyer said the benchmark to implement overnight is too high. She said, “our take is that quality advancements obviously are necessary but it needs to be done in a systematic manner and we need to really evaluate this and understand what this is going to mean for the system”. 



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