Here’s Where To Apply For Eskom Jobs



South Africans have had to deal with loadshedding for at least 2,557 hours in 2022, so far. One of the contributing factors to the ongoing rolling blackouts is the lack of skilled personnel at the country’s power utility.




Earlier this year, President Cyril Ramaphosa said the lack of skilled personnel at Eskom was a contributing factor to South Africa’s power crisis.

After acknowledging this challenge, he revealed that Eskom was working to recruit skilled individuals, including former senior Eskom plant managers and engineers from the private sector to tackle the challenges facing the country.

The president added that this will help to ensure that operating and maintenance procedures are reinstated at Eskom.

Eskom recently launched a digital platform to facilitate the applications process for jobs at the ailing power utility. The online platform allows prospective workers to submit their details directly to Eskom.

Since the launch of the digital platform, Eskom has received an overwhelming response to its call for skilled and experienced individuals to support the power utility’s turnaround strategy.

“Crowdsourcing differs from recruitment, in that it is triggered by specific technical challenges, is not linked to a permanent position, and it targets a talent pool that consists of highly skilled and experienced persons,” explained Eskom.

Eskom says the system has 238 individuals on record, with 153 having already been shortlisted as potentially active, skilled and willing candidates. Approximately 25 individuals have been selected for the first phase of the crowdsourcing intake and will begin working from November 2022.

Here’s The Criteria For Eskom Jobs

Applicants must be …

  • Highly skilled electricity generation expert or technical professional (e.g. engineer, power plant operator/controller, artisan, technician).
  • Have ore than 10 years of related experience.
  • Be able and willing to support Eskom.
  • Be willing to transfer your skills and expertise.

Prospective workers can contact Eskom via Email  if they require any additional information.





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