High Demand Jobs In South Africa


Have you ever wondered which jobs are in high demand in South Africa? Well the Department of Higher Education has released a list of job opportunities that more South Africans should be considering. 

The National list of Occupations in High Demand is updated every 2 years. The 2020 list highlights 345 occupations that are in high demand out of the 1500 recognised national occupations. 

These occupations cater to people with intermediate and high skill levels. In his speech today, the minister responsible for Higher Education and training, Blade Nzimande said these occupations are crucial for the National Recovery Plan. 

Some skills and occupations that are in high demand include: 

  • Digital economy
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure development
  • Data scientists
  • Web developers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Tool makers
  • Crop produce analysts
  • Agricultural scientists

Nzimande said the country has a problem of too many students rushing to programmes that are not in high demand. This leads to a cycle where graduates are not afforded job opportunities. 

He hopes that the list will be used to guide young people about possible career opportunities. These will mainly be opportunities that require skilled personnel.

The minister has urged employers to use this list to identify and promote job opportunities that are in line with the needs of the economy. 

Click the document below to see the full list.


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