Higher Education: the primary antidote to unemployment

Gaining a competitive edge and acquiring the necessary skills form the foundation of employability. Career longevity in industries such as IT are based on life-long learning, but we need to keep up to date in all industries and not just IT. “It’s about staying relevant and up-to-date so that we can offer tunr-key solutions to our clients as well as our employers’, says Rabson.

And to those who are fortunate enough to have secure jobs, Rabson advises, “ Considering the current volatile nature of our economy, many companies, big and small, have moved into ‘survival mode’.  Retrenchment is a natural result thereof, always have a plan B whether it be starting your own business or making a lateral move into a new area,” says Rabson.

Rabson further reminds us that in South Africa acquiring a higher education has helped many people start their own businesses and grow these into successful companies.  Statistics from the Department of Trade & Industry show that these small and medium enterprises contribute between 52 to 57% to our Gross Domestic Product and account for approximately 61% of employment.

“So yes, entrepreneurship definitely does seem to be one possible cure for the unemployment rate.  The other reality is that these businesses operate in a highly competitive market, so you need to be up to date in your tech knowledge, social media marketing and general business skills ,” adds Rabson.

Mid-year registrations for diplomas and degrees at Boston City Campus & Business College are now officially open for everyone and run until end July.  Prospective students don’t have to wait until next year to start their studies.

Not only will this give full time students a head start, but also those who are currently employed and want to further their studies on a part time basis.  

Boston now also offers many industry relevant courses: these include a Diploma in Business Management, a Diploma in Events Management and Diplomas in Systems Development and Network Systems, and more.  For more information on these courses as well as all the other degrees and diplomas offered by Boston, please visit: www.boston.co.za.