HIV/AIDS programme develops communication skills


The company Call the Rain has been involved in skills training since 2001. It assists learners to communicate and facilitate small group discussion around the difficult subject, HIV/AIDS.

Call the Rain prides itself in that more than 60% of the learners who complete the accredited training program get promoted or develop community development projects.

After the completion of the training program, on the request of the learners, an informal mentorship process often develops, as the learner realises with the skills acquired, they indeed have the ability to enable change in their community.

Enabling this mentoring process thru being available and referring learners to recourses who could help them with this dream, has indeed enhanced the business.

Call the Rain is recognised as a training company who is not necessarily working for profit but a company who views development holistically and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that development indeed happens.

The rewards are great.

No money can compare with knowing that in a small way your company enabled a creche to be established in an informal settlement, that a beading project provides an income for women in the Eastern Cape or having the personal satisfaction of slowly seeing skills and capacity being built in a group of community leaders who have a dream of establishing a tourist centre in their suburb before 2007.

I would urge every business leader to think creatively as to how they can make the difference. I know it will enhance their business, and as a leader they will begin to know for sure, that this country is indeed a land of endless possibilities.

Nicolene Rose -Innes, manager Call the Rain