How to be an above and beyond employee

Doing well at work is not about sucking up the managers or even the “big bosses”. It’s about knowing that you’re doing your absolute best to learn as much as you can, gain as much experience as possible and reach your career goals. The praise and rewards that happen along the way are welcome extras.

If you want to make the most out of your career, you’re going to need to put in extra effort and go above and beyond what is expected of you. If you’re looking for some motivation, set a career goal with some mini-goals to help you get there. Being able to track your progress will encourage you to keep working hard.

There are a few things you can do that will set you apart from your colleagues and get you noticed in the business.

Be proactive

One way to go above and beyond is to attend to a task before it’s even been presented. Or to create a task you’ve noticed needs to be done but hasn’t been officially accounted for by your superiors.

Being proactive is about being prepared, taking control of a situation as early as possible and, ultimately, thinking ahead. The sooner you can get work done and start on the next project, the more work you can get through in a month and the productive and valued you’ll be as an employee.

This kind of productivity can easily lead to an increase in salary if you remain consistent and still produce high-quality work. If your proactiveness makes a noticeable change in the company’s success, you too will be noticed.   

Be the first to help out

If your team-lead, manager or colleague finds themselves swimming in work and struggling to keep up or simply look like they need a hand, why not offer one? If you have the time to spare, offer your help. If you know their character is too proud to ask for help, find a subtle way to get in there and take over.

Being the first to help out shows you’re a team player and you’re eager to do extra work where it’s needed. Even if it’s not directly related to your job. Actually, especially when it’s not directly related to your job.

Think of it as an opportunity to learn something new and develop your skills. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how the different teams in the company work together towards a common goal. Which could also help you to do your job better with the knowledge that how you do your job is going to affect what your colleagues have to do.

Be professionally sociable

Being an employee goes beyond just coming into work and doing nothing but your job. While that may be the majority of what it means to be an employee, there’s still a company culture and social aspect as well.

It makes such a difference when you greet other people in the office when walking past them. Or starting a conversation in the kitchen as you make yourself a cup of coffee. Better yet, offer to make them coffee as well.

When it comes to office socials, campaigns and activities, don’t stay at your desk and continue working while everyone else is bonding and having a good time. These events are organised for a reason and it’s an opportunity for you to get to know the entire office. You may even get a chance to talk to CEOs you wouldn’t normally have the chance to talk to. Another way of getting your name and personality out there.

It’s important to work hard and get the job done, but it’s also important to take the time to be professionally sociable and get to know the people you work with a little better.  

Be open to studying further

Going above and beyond means being willing to learn and improve your own skills and knowledge. Not to mention, an extra qualification never hurt anyone’s career. What studying further will do is motivate you in your career and possibly bring to light new career goals you wish to strive for.

If you want to develop into a managerial role in your department, you’ll need to do a marketing management course, for example. Well, you could do a marketing management course in any case as it’s relevant in any and all businesses. You can take your newfound knowledge and present solutions to problems your company doesn’t even know they have (remember to be proactive).

The more you bring to the table, the more you’ll have to offer and work with that will make it easy for you to go above and beyond your daily job responsibilities. That kind of effort deserves to be rewarded and you’ll find out very quickly whether you’re even in the right business or not.    

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