How to be confident in your first paralegal job

Communicate openly

With the knowledge you have from your paralegal courses and a supportive team behind you, you have every reason to communicate openly and confidently. Make sure that within the first few weeks you learn everyone’s names. This will help you be assertive when you need to ask about something.

Communication is an integral part of your job and you have every reason to be confident when you communicate. Especially because you’re communicating from a place of “fact” that is supported by evidence.

Rely on your research

This means that in order to be confident and communicate confidently, you need to rely on your research. As a paralegal, you will be conducting research for most of your career. And those research reports are an accumulation of trialled and tested facts that cannot be disputed.

This is why you should stem your confidence from your research. If you communicate your findings to a colleague, you’re relaying the truth that you’ve checked a thousand times before accepting it as fact. There’s literally no room for you to second guess yourself and stay quiet when you are, in fact, correct.

Consider your body language

Your body language can speak for your confidence – no words required. Eye contact, pitch, stance, and movement all contribute to your confidence. And, because it’s possible for your body language to communicate the opposite of what you’re saying, you need to use it to your advantage and exude confidence.

A few body languages tips to use for a boost in confidence include looking directly in a person’s eyes when you’re talking to them, stand and sit up straight when you’re in conversation, walk with your head held high (you hear it all the time, but it actually works), don’t fidget with your hands when you talk to someone (it makes you seem nervous) and work on your handshake.  

When you add all of these practices together, along with the fact that you were the one chosen for the job, it’s almost impossible to not have self-confidence in your capabilities as a paralegal.