How to be your own recruitment agent


Job hunting can be daunting for the uninitiated, but it doesn?t have to be. There
are a few things that young professionals or students entering the workforce for the
first time can try to ensure that they find their dream job, says Claire Cobbledick,
Head of Marketing of Gumtree South Africa.

"Job hunting can be done very effectively from home, and little more than a cell
phone is required,' says Cobbledick. "All it takes is a little know-how.'

1. Get an email address

"Most employers prefer to conduct the application process via email - so signing
up for a free Gmail account is a great first step. Keep this email address as
professional as possible - avoid nicknames or slang phrases.'

2. Don?t search too broadly

"Do not attempt to scroll through every single job posting online - on Gumtree,
there are 60,000 jobs at any given time, so it?s important to rule out as many as
possible to make your search easier. Start by narrowing your search to the province
and suburb you are able to travel to. Then narrow your search to the type of
position you would want - part-time, full-time, contract. From there on, you should
focus on the industry you?d be keen to work in. That way, you are more likely to find
a position that will fit in with your lifestyle and requirements.'

3. Do set up a job alert

Even if you?ve applied for a number of positions, there are no guarantees. The
best way to make sure you stay ahead of other applicants is to set up a job alert.
"Job alerts do exactly that - they are email alerts that are sent to your inbox with a
list of new job ads in your area and field of interest. Make an effort to log in regularly
to see whether or not you?ve received new job alerts.'

4. Make sure that you have a professional CV and supporting
documents on hand

"Your CV is your passport to finding the job of your dreams, which is why you have
to put a lot of care and effort into it,' says Cobbledick. "Depending on the position,
the prospective employer might ask for a specific format, such as a one-page CV, a
two-page CV or a CV with a cover letter. Keep different versions on hand, but write
your cover letters individually. If you aren?t sure of how to do this, consult an online
resource centre for templates and suggestions.'

5. Create a job seeker profile

"There is no harm in creating a job seeker ad for yourself,' says Cobbledick. "In
fact, this can be a great way to market yourself and give people insight into who
you are. Companies don?t hire a list of qualifications - they hire people! You can link
this ad to your social media profiles, upload a photograph and tell people a little bit
about your personality.'

Gumtree partners like Harambee also have programmes for young people looking
for their first job. Applicants can apply by sending a Please call me to 073 998 6324.

6. Share and share alike

The great thing about creating a job seeker ad or profile is that you can share it
with others via social media. "It?s a good way to ensure that as many people as
possible see that you are looking, and what you are looking for,' says Cobbledick.

Lastly, she advises that candidates never give up. "Don?t be afraid to start from
the bottom and build up experience, but never give up. It?s very rare to find your
dream job on the first try, and your definition of what a dream job is will change over
time. The good news is that the online world has made it much easier to keep
abreast of trends and new opportunities - make sure that you do!'