How can employers bridge the skills gap?

Would you like to help the country address critical skills gaps ? Why not offer your business as a training ground through learnership programmes.

As part of its commitment to comprehensive skills development solutions, training and consulting firm Progression, has developed the Production Technology NQF2 learnership.

This is a unique training programme which lays the foundation for safety, maintenance, operations and manufacturing as a means of successfully integrating accredited training with workplace learning.

Learnerships are seen as a central part of government's strategy to improve skills development in the country.

A learnership is a structured learning programme that consists of both theoretical and practical components, and leads to a qualification that is registered on the National Qualification Framework.

However, in order for learnerships to deliver the desired outcome, the contributions of three parties are required, that is, the learner, the employer and the education or training provider.

The training provider provides the theoretical component of the learnership while the employer is needed to create a space for the practical training component to be delivered.

According to Progression more organisations are needed to fulfil this part of the programme.

“Many organisations are unaware of the broad scope of Learnerships available for various industries. Progression’s expertise in managing skills initiatives covers learnerships within all economically active industries.”

Government has echoed this call, urging businesses to help young people get the training and skills they need to perform effectively in every industry.

The Production Technology training programme is ideal for organisations in the Production and Manufacturing industries needing to align skills development spend with meaningful training, and can be implemented for both existing and new employees.

If you would like to get involved or would like more information regarding the learnership, please contact or call 0860 754557 (SKILLS)”

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