How can I avoid being infected with Covid-19 at work?




While adhering to the proper protective measures will help workers to stay safe, it is still possible to contract Covid-19 at work.

Here's how you can prevent infection in the workplace:

  • Work from home if you are considered 'at risk' or if you feel unwell
  • Always practice social distancing and stay 1.5 metres from others at all times - even when sharing a desk with a colleague.
  • Wash or sanitise hands regularly.

Tip: Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer (65% alcohol or higher) on your desk to always have it at hand.

  • Make sure that the office has sufficient ventilation by keeping windows open.
  • Always wear a face mask or face shield when interacting with others
  • Practice all the above in your workspace as well as in communal break areas, such as canteens and smoke areas.
  • Do not share stationary or telephones during this time.
  • Sanitize frequently touched surfaces such as desks, light switches, door handles, phones, staircase railings, touch screens, keypads, taps and toilets
  • Share digital instead of physical documents with colleagues.

Assess your risk level of contracting Covid-19 at work HERE

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