How can I tell the difference between a real and fake N95 mask?


Counterfeit PPE equipment has become a problem during the Covid-19 pandemic so you can test the authenticity of an N95 respirator by performing one of the following tests.

Once you’re sure that you’re wearing your mask it correctly (Find out how) - perform one of these 10-second tests to verify the authenticity and quality of your mask. 

The Lighter Test

Step1: Put on your face mask

Step 2: Hold and activate a lighter 6 inches (15,24 cm) from your mouth

Step 3: Try to extinguish the flame by blowing on it

If the mask is authentic, you will not be able to blow out the flame - no matter how hard you try. If the mask is counterfeit, you will be able to extinguish the flame.

The Water Test

Note that you will need to dispose of the mask after performing this test.

Step1: Hold the mask by the elastic bands, with the inside of the mask facing up

Step 2: Fill the mask with water

Step 3: If the mask is authentic, the mask will cup the water without leaking. A counterfeit mask will absorb the water resulting in a leak.



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