How to co-host a learnership

Does your business want to support the implementation of learnerships in the country? Find out how you can contribute towards up-skilling the local labour market.

Academy Training Group has developed a learnership programme which can be delivered on behalf of any business.

“We offer learnership programmes that organisations can implement to uplift individuals whether they are a part of their staff or not.”

Learnerships are work-based learning programmes that can be administered to staff or unemployed individuals between the ages of 16 and 60.

These programmes combine classroom studies, at a college or training centre ,with practical on-the-job experience.

Learnerships form part of a nationally recognised qualification that is directly linked to an occupation, which means that graduates can use their qualification to enter the marketplace or study further.

Businesses are often uninformed about the learnership process, while others are intimidated by the responsibility of offering a learnership.

ATG helps companies through the process of registering learners with the relevant SETA.

Academy Training also assists companies in accessing tax incentives and skills development benefits associated with registering a learnership.

“The greatest thing is that everyone benefits from learnerships. By everyone we mean, the learner, the employer and the industry.”

Our objectives are to provide practical training and knowledge to develop a professional level of competency. Full-time lectures at ATG are highly qualified and hold relevant qualifications. Part-time lectures to assist Academy Training Group are required.

Academy Training Group Learnerships:

Our learnerships run for a minimum period of 12 months to 18 months. Academy Training has the advantage of presenting learnerships country wide as we are flexible and we cater to our clients needs.

Our learnerships
Business Administration NQF L4
Office Management NQF L5
Business Management NQF L5
Entrepreneurship NQF L4
Accounting and Business Financial Management NQF L3
Public Sector Accounting NQF L4
Project Management NQF L4
End User Computing NQF L3
Education and Training Development NQF L4

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