How coaching can help you be a people’s person

Being a people-person may come naturally to a social butterfly, but for those of us introverts developing people skills can be tricky, overwhelming and down-right unpleasant. The sad truth is, however, that even if you’re amazing at your job, without good interpersonal skills, you aren’t going anywhere.

The ability to be a people-person, at least some of the time, is essential to getting ahead in your career and, well, almost anywhere. It’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself being promoted to lead a team if your people management skills are non-existent. So, what do you do if you’re the one hiding behind the water cooler at the office party, obsessively avoiding eye contact and chitchat?

Coaching can help you overcome the obstacles you face when trying to connect with others, because the journey of coaching naturally leads to a positive change in behaviour and self-awareness. It is not necessary to be a people-person 100% of the time but being able to connect with others will help you grow your relationships and your career.

On Wednesday, 20th February from 12pm to 1pm the SACAP School of Coaching is hosting a “The way in which coaching can help you be a people’s person” Twitter Talk, to explore how coaching can pull you out of your comfort zone and teach you how to connect with people by improving your communication and interpersonal skills.

We will be joined by coaches from various industries to discuss ways in which coaching can help improve your communication and interpersonal skills thus improving your people-person credibility. Join the conversation by following the hashtag #Coaching2Connect and the @SACAPGrad_CL Twitter handle.