How to create team players


Being humble brings a competitive edge. Modern businesses need speed in order to compete. However, in a low trust environment people tend to spend significant amounts of time on covering themselves. This trust is built on humility and vulnerability. As soon as a person is trusted, he leaves the other person vulnerable as that trust could be betrayed. But without trust, it is impossible to create an environment where agility, speed, and getting things done are the only focus points.

Ideal team players are smart. Smart people tend to know what is happening in a group situation and how to deal with others in the most effective way. They have good judgment and intuition around the subtleties of group dynamics and the impact of their words and actions.

At Synthesis, we want people to contribute with their ideas and insights. We also want them to disagree with the ideas of others when appropriate. In addition, one of our core values is accountability. If someone, even if it is a manager, lets the team down, then people must speak up and hold them accountable.

Building people

So how do we leverage The Competent Team Player model to build people? Having a model allows us to share a common vocabulary and to bring more clarity to any discussions we have about our colleagues.

The second step is to identify the mitigation strategies and programmes needed to address these problems. We can now structure the best way to build ourselves and our team.

In the same way that not all of us are gifted musicians, not everyone has a timespan that stretches over many years. However, like physical fitness, it is possible to increase a person’s timespan through training, challenges, and practice. It is for this reason that we encourage moving people into new roles and tackling different projects.

Synthesis is a family. And just like a normal family we are not all perfect, we sometimes get on each other’s nerves. But we also sometimes take aim and shoot at each other with nerf guns. However, like a family, we are here to support and build each other. And this is where The Competent Team Player model is integral to our success.

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By Jake Shepherd, Director at Synthesis