How designers shape your business strategy

There is nothing as frustrating as having a highly-skilled designer who just doesn’t get your brand’s vision. When you have someone who has their own idea of what you should put out that does not reflect your brand, it can be a nightmare! Imagine constantly having to ask a designer to completely recreate their designs because it totally misrepresents your standards.

On the other hand, gaining a designer that gets the vision of the brand or company is a visionary’s dream. This means that they are able to interpret your vision through designs and produce what your business needs. If the design material isn’t a representation of your brand, it can be misinterpreted and this will affect your brand’s image.

However, it’s good to be open to new design perspectives that are exciting and can raise the profile of your brand. As much as you need a designer who is able to conceptualise fresh new ideas and graphics, they shouldn’t be too diverse from your brand’s agenda.

How to choose a designer for your business

When you interview a potential designer for your brand you are not just looking for someone with a great design skill. You are looking for someone who will grasp the vision of your brand and target clearly. Your preference is someone who has design strategy recognised in the industryand experience in the sector you are in. This person is likely to have an understanding and to connect with your audience better. The level of the designer’s skills and creativity will therefore become advantageous.

Good design is good for business. Measurable, profitable, and helpful for the customer. @InVisionApp

How does having the right designer make your business efficient?

Having the right person as your designer saves you time and energy, projects are completed timeously and easily when a designer correlates with your brand. It becomes a smooth and upfront process when your designers recognise what your brand needs. It also helps when a designer has worked with similar brands or businesses in the same sector as yours. It’s a bonus to have their artwork demonstrated through a compelling design portfolio that attests to their talent. This will be an indication of their ability to connect with your target audience.

The designer must be able to evolve and recreate your brand through design, bringing in newness and relevance. It may mean breaking the rules slightly to allow room for creativity for your brand. This is acceptable as long as the visual concept presented complements the brand and amplifies it.

The qualities to look for in a good designer

Getting to know the designer's inspirations will help you determine if they will be the right fit for your brand. This means knowing what makes them tick, their favourite things to do and other interests. A designer that is well accomplished in their career means that they have the best understanding of the effective principles of design.

Someone who is savvy and specialises in the areas your brand mostly needs is an advantage. This person must be imaginative, independent and resilient in their work. They must possess knowledge on the role of colours in design for your brand and logo trends.

A test you can put them through is logo design, perhaps you could ask them to redesign your logo. If their style matches what you are going for this could be an optimistic sign. Your brand’s logo also has to be in line with the vision, this will help you choose the right logo for your brand.

They have to follow trends

When you bring in someone knowledgeable about the market and target audience it is a win. This person will build your brand relevance through what they create. The designs will expand your target audience and keep your existing audience engaged and loyal to your brand. This person must be knowledgeable on the colours in marketing and advertising.

‘Harnessing others’ visual interpretations of your brand can open up a multitude of possibilities.’-Brand Quarterly

Develop their graphic design skills

You always have the option of training your designer to become better by providing them with essential design tools and coaching. You can arrange for them to take an advanced design course or make them attend workshops that will equip them to be the best.

By investing in them, they are exposed to greater creativity ideas and design expertise that they can apply to your brand. Make sure all the resources are available for them to perform to the best of their ability.

Ultimately, trust your gut. You’re likely to have a connection when you have a chat with the designer, be it an intellectual or mental likeness, you will know.

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