How do I become a fashion designer?

Are you creative? Do you have style? The fashion industry can be highly competitive but also an innovative space for those who enjoy expressing their creativity through raw materials. Find out what you need to make it as a fashion designer.

Successful designers develop an ability to spot trends and have a natural talent for mixing colours textures and shapes to create new patterns.

Drawing and sewing have always been the main skills required to work in fashion, but today the ability to use computer design software is equally important.

Fortunately many of these skills can be developed outside of the classroom, however a formal education will provide you with creative techniques that you can apply to your dressmaking.

Fashion courses will also allow you to learn about the production process, marketing, and other elements of design from professionals who understand the industry and how to break into the fashion scene.

Short courses or postgraduate qualification are good tools to develop your knowledge and skills.

Keep a portfolio of your work which you can take to job interviews. The portfolio should include things like mood boards, designs and technical drawings. An employer or college may also ask you to take along actual garments that you have produced.

The career path of a fashion designer will typically start with a design assistant position. Practical job experience and a good track record are vital for progressing in this career.

You can gain professional recognition by joining professional bodies or gain international experience by participating in design projects in different parts of the world.

As a fashion designer you will need to work on your own and be willing to work in a team when necessary.

This is a fast-paced high pressured industry and in order to be successful you will be required to develop original ideas consistently and meet deadlines set by clients or companies.

If you think you have what it takes to work in fashion visit the Oakfields College website and check out their design programmes.

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