How do I become a fire-fighter?

Fire fighting is the ideal job for thrill seekers, in fact this is more than just a job, it is a burning passion to help others even if it means risking your own life.

So what is expected from these hero's?

Fire fighters are required to work in rural areas, metropolitan areas, airports, forests, chemical plants and other industrial sites.

They can not afford to be claustrophobic or suffer from vertigo as this will hamper their ability to perform their duties effectively.

It is important to note that fire-fighters mainly respond to medical emergencies not fires however they should be prepared for all kinds of scenarios.

In order to be eligible for this career individuals must pass a stringent fitness test. Potential recruits will undergo rigorous training based on national and international standards.

All fire fighters must complete basic training before they participate in operations. This training will include aspects like fire prevention, hazardous materials control, fire fighting techniques, emergency medical procedures, and specialized equipment management. Individuals will then have the option to specialise in a certain area of fire fighting.

Ideally veld fire fighters should be compliant with the internationally recognised Red Card. A Red Card indicates that the holder is a competent and fit fire fighter trained in fire-fighting skills, fire behaviour patterns and first aid, among other capabilities.

There are many places for interested individuals to complete their training.

Turnstone Training Solutionsoffers training in fire fighting techniques

Ergo Business Development Academy also offers accredited skills programmes in fire fighting.

Working on Fire (WoF) is a government initiative that provides learning opportunities to interested parties. Today WoF employs more than 5000 young men and women who have been fully trained as veld and forest fire fighters and are stationed in more than 200 teams throughout South Africa.

In addition the WoF Beneficiary Scholarship Fund provides resources to WoF fire fighters to pursue further formal training which will improve their skills, knowledge and employability.
For more information visit the Working on Fire website

By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing

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