How Employers Can Register Employees For SARS With easyFile



SARS has just made it easier for employers to register their employees individually with their latest version of e@syFile. The process only involves a few simple steps.



The South African Revenue Services (SARS) has recently upgraded to a new version of e@syFile, allowing employers to simply register their taxpaying employees individually. Follow these easy steps to complete the process.

e@syFile is a system used by SARS to help taxpayers easily, conveniently and quickly manage their tax affairs.

How to individually register employees using e@syFile

  1. Visit the SARS website.
  2. Click on "Individual Income Tax Registration".
  3. You will need to create an employee before you are able to use the income tax registration function.
  4. Select "Add Employee" to create an employee.
  5. Click on "Register" at the bottom right of "Employee Details".
  6. Once you have completed this, click "Register" and the application will be sent to SARS.

Make sure that all the information is correct to avoid any delays in the process. 

SARS released this updated version of e@syFile to enhance the processing system and resolve the issues of data display, data synchronisation and status management. 

Before installing the latest version of e@syFile, ensure that you backup all your current information on your computer, as the installation may delete your current information. Any beta test version that was downloaded should be uninstalled before downloading the latest version.

You should always use the latest version of e@syFile as any information submitted to SARS using an outdated version will not be accepted. You will automatically be prompted to update accessing e@syFile.

SARS is South Africa's tax collecting authority. SARS is responsible for administering the tax system and customs service, as well as ensuring compliance from the country's taxpayers. 

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Both individuals and businesses are required to pay tax through on-time submission of returns and payments, to avoid penalties and interest being charged. If you owe money to SARS and need to make payment arrangements.




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