How food can be used to improve company culture

Every company has a personality – what they like to call their “company culture”. This culture consists of their company mission, values, office environment, expectations and, of course, its people. It’s a set of shared ideas of every member of the company in which new employees are adopted and considered a “great fit” for the company beyond their qualifications and skills.

Company culture is an important aspect of any business as it’s a means of making employees enjoy the people they work for through the people they work with. A company culture is a means of placing everyone on the same page in terms of an appropriate “good time” after work has been completed. It’s a way of introducing the company’s “work hard, play hard” motto.  

There are a variety of ways that companies live out their corporate cultures. Through a committee of employees, there are usually events organised for the rest of the employees. And at these events, there’s usually food involved. For that reason, we’ve decided to focus on all the ways food can be used to improve the company culture of a business.

So if you’re a relatively new business or an established on and looking for ways to boost your company culture, here’s why food should be your corporate weapon of choice.  

What can food do for your employees?

Food is a wonderful thing and a basic need for human beings. If you want your team to be in their best possible shape mentally and physically, you should give them food. Here are a few benefits of food for your employees:

Good health: By providing nutritional foods for your employees in the form of a catered breakfast or snack, you’re making sure they receive the necessary nutrients to keep their bodies healthy. And a healthy employee has a list of productivity benefits of its own.

Energy: With the right foods in the morning or afternoon, you can give your employees an energy boost to help them through the day.
Motivation: Having the promise of a catered meal or plates of snacky foods is, surprisingly, an incredible source of motivation for employees. One mention of a bar one cake appearing after lunchtime will make everyone work harder for it.

We’ve established why you should use food as a tool to improve company culture, but now we need to tell you how you can incorporate it in order to benefit from it.