How to get a holiday job

School leavers, undergraduates and graduates can earn money, and experience from holiday jobs. It can also help you get a head start in your career.

Nritika Singh from StudentWise, which offers temporary, flexible and permanent staff, has some sound advice for students. Singh says, “Young people, no matter what level of education they have reached, are able to earn money if they are prepared to give up some of their holiday time. Seasonal jobs provide plenty of part-time job opportunities.

Singh adds that some holiday jobs may be the perfect way to get work experience and decide on a future career. For example working in the call centre industry, which has shown phenomenal growth. Other industries to consider include retail cashiers, in-store packers, warehousing, wholesaling and distribution centres, general admin. clerical and data capture positions etc. Holiday money earned could go towards paying for tertiary education.

How does one find a holiday job?

Singh explains, “Going through a reputable recruitment company is one of the best options, as these businesses focus entirely on finding suitable positions for the right candidates. For example Isilumko has another business unit called Isilumko Activate, Studentwise, which is the only national student employment agency in South Africa. Studentwise specialises in activations, product launches, promotions, events etc. There is a huge database of candidates and excellent relationships with clients for placing students in temporary, contract or permanent assignments.”

“The job seekers’ first priority is to ensure that he or she has a competently compiled CV with all the relevant details, such as educational qualifications, personality strengths, aspirations and personal contact information. Bring copies of any certificates, identification documents, letter of recommendation or other back up material to the interview, as it will assist the recruitment process. Above all, always be honest with all the details,” says Singh.

Isilumko Staffing has many years of experience in providing staff for the call centre, retail, wholesale and warehousing industries amongst others. Studentwise is of particular relevance as it focuses on placing students in part-time positions, over holidays, at weekends etc. This opens the door for many potential candidates, even those who have not worked before.

Singh concludes, “Taking a few weeks or longer out of your vacation for a holiday job could change your whole career path. The money earned in a vac. job will be well worth the sacrifice of your time. It could also help you to decide what you wish to do in the future. The time will be well spent by getting working experience, interacting with employers, colleagues and customers and importantly earning some money.”

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