How to get onto a learnership

A learnership is a great way to get a recognised qualification without having to pay thousands of Rands. Because of this many people are very keen to start a learnership.

Unfortunately starting a learnership is not as easy as filling in a form. Before you can start there must be a company that can provide you with employment, or at least the opportunity to get the workplace experience necessary for the programme.

If you are currently employed you should speak to your company's Skills Development Facilitator or person responsible for training and ask them if there are opportunities for learnerships with your company.

If you would like to do a learnership but are currently unemployed there are a number of things you should do.

Department of Labour

Contact your local Department of Labour office as they are keeping a database of people who want to go on a course like this. Then when a course is available the employers will know where to recruit learners from. Visit the office and tell them that you would like to register as a Job Seeker. You will fill in a form which lists your interests and skills.

Careers Portal

You can view information on Learnership opportunities on the Careers Portal website

Talking Point: Are you interested in getting onto a learnership? What do you think the benefits are of learnerships? Please give us your comments below.