How to get past a career plateau

If you’ve reached a moment in your career where you aren’t as excited about the job anymore, you’re doing extremely well but you’re bored out of your mind and there’s seemingly no way up, in which your next option is out – then you’ve reached a career plateau.

It doesn’t mean, however, that your only option is to leave your current job. Not without trying to make it work first. We’ll be discussing a few ways in which you can get past this career plateau and make the most of your current career opportunity.

You’re not the only one

You need to know that this phenomenon is more common than you may think. People just don’t openly talk about it or think further than “this must mean it’s time to quit”. You’re not the only one experiencing this plateau-feeling. The feeling of being stuck in your job out of loyalty to the company, hope for a promotion or fear for something new is normal.

You just need to figure out what the root of your plateau is and how you plan on getting over it.

It’s time for a challenge

The first thing you can do to help you out of this career rut is find a challenge. Find ways to make the job you’re currently doing more exciting in a way that will (noticeably) improve your productivity and performance.

Then, if you still have time to kill and aren’t getting anything new or more to do from your managers, start your own business-related side-project. And once it has been perfected, you can present it to your managers as a means of displaying your full potential and dedication to the company. And if you can’t find anything to work on, try to set some measurable goals every day and make sure you’re doing your absolute best.

That should open their eyes to the fact that you’re not only able but also willing to take on more work and grow. Not to mention that taking initiative that way is an extremely desired quality in an employee. Having something new to work on will reignite your passion for the industry and for the work you’re currently doing and would like to do in the future.

Find the confidence to speak up

If you’re not happy anymore with your job and your daily tasks, then you need to find the confidence to speak up. When you have your weekly catch up meetings with your manager and they flat out ask you “Is there anything you want to discuss” or “Are you still happy here?”, be honest with them. You need to figure out how to be confident and assertive in your skills, your value to the company and your career goals, and tell your manager how you’re really feeling.

Tell them you feel stuck and they’ll probably find something new for you to try your hand at. They want their employees to be happy in the company as much as you need to be happy with your job. If the conversation doesn’t go in favour of trying to make a plan for you, then you might just be working with the wrong business.

There are different ways to build your self-confidence and how to gain confidence in the workplace starts with knowing what you’re worth, what you can do and what you deserve. If you’ve been in a position long enough and excelled at it, you’re in the right to be asking for due recognition.

You might also find that by speaking up about what you’re experiencing will help you uncover the reasons why exactly you’re feeling this way and that will allow you to get past it.

There’s always more to study

Sometimes the problem lies in not knowing what more to do or not feeling qualified enough to pursue the promotion you’re longing for. In that case, there’s always more to study and learn. Find an online course that sings to what you’re looking to achieve in your company and take it. Spend your evenings and free time studying. It might exhaust you, but, at the end of it all, you’ll have another qualification to name and you would have built up the self-confidence to go after your career goals.     

A career plateau isn’t the end of the world. It’s an opportunity to go after what you really want, challenge yourself or, if all else fails, try something new somewhere else. Hitting a plateau means you’ve maxed out your growth potential in the position you’re in and you’re ready to grow further in a new position. It’s a positive thing if you choose to look at it that way. Just remember, it’s important to be happy and that’s definitely a reason to strive for more in life.