How To Get Your Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

Covid-19 vaccine certificates now available in SA

The Department of Health has officially launched its digital Covid-19 vaccine certificates.

Only individuals who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will have access to the digital certificates.

Minister of Health Dr Joe Phaahla said these vaccination certificates would allow people to facilitate travel, attend sporting and recreational events. He explained that it will be used as a tool to aid the country's economic recovery.

He said, “amongst others we expect sports and recreation to open up more for vaccinated people, shops to provide discounts and others to give prizes, entertainment like music festivals to start opening for vaccinated people with safety measures, travel and tourism to open more”.

Phaahla also welcomed the announcement that South Africa will be removed from the UK’s red list. He said, “We are pleased that the UK government has as of yesterday decided to take South Africa off the red list meaning more easy travel between our two countries”. He added that what’s more exciting is that South Africa’s vaccine certificate will be recognised by the UK.

The health minister also called upon South Africans and foreign nationals to get vaccinated.

How to get your digital vaccination certificate

  1. Visit the South African Covid-19 vaccine certificate website at
  2. Click on Get my Vaccine Certificate
  3. Enter your details
  4. Check the I am not a robot button
  5. Click Next

You will need the following information

  • ID Number/ Passport Number/ Assylum Seeker or Refugee Number
  • Proof of Vaccination Code (this is sent to you once you are fully vaccinated)
  • Name and Surname



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