How to grow your business

Providing a revolutionary solution to the unemployment crisis, the Awethu Project is offering thousands of people in 15 informal areas all around Gauteng the opportunity to learn how to start and grow a business through business growth sessions.

Hot on the heels of their highly-successful Johannesburg CBD session that took place in early 2017, the Awethu Project decided to take the next business growth sessions directly to local communities, thus saving delegates not only time but money too. “Being involved in one of these sessions means that the sky truly is the limit for anyone with a great idea and a big dream. These two-hour business training sessions are offered to anyone who has a business idea that needs a kick-start or someone who simply needs sound business advice from a team of professionals. Plus, a bit of inspiration is thrown in for good measure too,” says Yusuf Randera-Rees, CEO and Co-Founder of the Awethu Project.

Established in 2009, the Awethu Project has incubated thousands of entrepreneurs and has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around our nation. “Not everybody knows us... but the 100 000 budding entrepreneurs who have interacted with us over the past 8 years do. 3 100 of them have been through our incubation and of that 2 600 are successfully running their own businesses today”, says Randera-Rees.

He adds, “The Awethu Project is passionate about getting essential training and tools into the hands of aspiring entrepreneurs who would not otherwise have had access to this level of support.” Two such entrepreneurs are Morena Mosia and Tumaini Mabogoane. Having started their own furniture and upholstery business just three months ago, the new business partners were excited to discover the Awethu Project and started attending the Awethu Project Incubator sessions in October.

“It’s already made a difference,” says Mosia, who adds that even though they’ve only had a few sessions, the Incubator has given them affirmation that they’re on the right path. “We’ve implemented a few tactics and have started taking ourselves more seriously as a business as a result,” he says, explaining that the Incubator has taught them to “know their value” and stand for the price they put behind their products. Part of that process was getting clear on who their target market is, being more specific in their pricing and finding additional income streams to ensure constant cash flow through their business.

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