How to re-energise for 2018

With so many negative factors vying for our attention it is easy to feel drained and uninspired. But there are some things you can do to re-energise.

When we look at the economic and political situation, cost of living, stress-related diseases and high unemployment rate it’s easy to feel despair says HR specialist, Lizanne de Jong.

While the December holiday is meant to be a time of relaxation and joy it can often add to the stress and frustration that we've been experiencing throughout the year.

If you didn't get a chance to rejuvenate over the festive season here are some habits you can put into practice to revitalize yourself now.

Renew Your Mind

According to De Jong your thoughts determine your behaviour. “If you think negative thoughts you will attract negative things”. In order to maintain a positive attitude you need to train your mind to think positively about your situation. This can be challenging when you face difficult circumstances such as unemployment or illness. But being grateful is an effective way to quell negative thoughts.
Research shows that mindfulness and gratitude can improve any situation.

Find Your Flow

“Flow is when you do something and you don't feel like you are putting effort into it.” These are activities or tasks that we do naturally and that make us happy. Find out what inspires you and where your strengths lie. Operating in these areas will refresh your body and mind.


Take a break from technology and the constant influx of information. Have real conversations with the people around you at work and at home. Social media can only provide very shallow relationships which can be more draining than rewarding. “Go back to the real connections.”

Use Your Brain

In order to succeed in this fast-paced world we need to keep up with the changes. This means we need to continue learning. Don't rely on others to solve your problems. Take a course or class and learn a new skill or improve an old one. This will position you for better opportunities at work.
Challenging your mind will also keep you energised and inspire you to dream big.

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing