How to Redo Matric: Private Student


If you’re thinking about how you can redo Matric to improve your marks, then you’ve come to the right place. Last week in How to Redo Matric, we looked at how you can do Matric through a TVET college or earn a Matric equivalent. This week, we look at the simple option of doing Matric as a private student at a high school.

If you’ve just finished Matric but are unhappy with your marks, then re-enrolling through your high school or another school can be a good way to go. Let’s take a look at how this would work for you.

How to Redo Matric: Private Student

Failed up to 2 subjects

If you only failed a few subjects, to a maximum of 2, then you can apply to rewrite just those subjects. Schools are supposed to issue a slip that will tell you whether or not you qualify for these supplementary exams.

To register for this, you will need:

  • To know which education district office to register at (ask your school)
  • Your ID book
  • A copy of your exam results
  • Your exam number

The downside of this option is that it is an immediate option. You will need to apply before the deadline, which is typically at the end of January. If you only want to improve your marks in 2 subjects, though, this is a good option.

Failed more than 2 subjects

If you failed 3 or more subjects, you will need to register to rewrite a full Matric. This means you will have the opportunity to redo your full set of Matric exams. This is a good option for students looking to improve their marks to get into university, as this can improve your Admission Points Score (APS).

Approach your school and ask to register as a private student. This means that you will be redoing Matric, but will not have to go to classes with other students. Some schools may offer extra classes for you, but in most cases you will be responsible for studying yourself.

In either case, you will be studying by yourself in preparation for your exams. Therefore it is important to know how to study effectively and also have high-quality study notes available to you. And there you have it, how to redo Matric as a private student.