How SA companies can use the cloud to drive employee enablement


Evolving workplace

While some local organisations are pushing for the digital enablement of their employees, the country is still far behind what First World markets are doing. However, many of the features needed for a digital workplace only started coming out in the past two years. So, the adoption rate is expected to increase significantly.

Questions around connectivity and data sovereignty used to hold local companies back. However, the arrival of Microsoft Azure data centres recently, addresses these concerns. Education will still remain important, especially around the benefits of the solutions organisations are currently using.

An example of this is Office 365. Organisations are still only scratching the surface of its potential. They need to fully understand all the aspects around the suite that can deliver employee enablement. Some staff might demand the use of Dropbox to share documents not knowing that OneDrive forms part of the Office environment. It is a case of not realising the broader ecosystem and what is possible.

This will also spill over to messaging platforms. Obviously, WhatsApp is widely adopted in the country, but it does not provide a secure and curated environment such as mobile messaging applications for business. These platforms can reach out to a million people and provide a robust offering that extends beyond messaging.

Mobile market

Although the cloud will help drive employee enablement, companies must be aware of how best to use the technology. In Azure, for example, there are more than two thousand different combinations of options geared towards this enablement.

In this context, an organisation must purchase a license set that brings with it the most capabilities. By going the full Office 365 route as opposed to a limited license, more value can be driven over a longer term. It is all about choosing the right licence for the business workload.

This process must start with an audit to assess existing and future company needs. It is especially the enterprise that can benefit from such an exercise given the complexity of its environment. Smaller organisations typically know what they want and focus on a more niche approach.

Enablement will be a business priority for the digital workplace. Using mobile platforms to drive this change by equipping employees with the tools and skills needed to do their work more efficiently, will result in more agile organisations capable of adapting to the dynamic market conditions of the connected world.

By Ryan Jamieson, Solutions and Innovation Officer at Altron Karabina