How Technology Has Changed The Way We Communicate


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We live in a world that is connected with technology. When was the last time you left home without your cellphone, didn’t watch TV or log onto your computer to check your emails? Chances are not very long. Although technology has it’s benefits, it also effects peoples communication skills and they socialize all together. It leads to a lack of emotion, ignorance of personal space, a absence of intimacy.

Ways technology can BENEFIT communication

1. In the business world – business people are able to conduct most of their work from the comfort of their own offices. Computers make it possible to share information and undergo transactions between companies. Telephones allow businesses to stay in constant touch and people are now able to make purchases by the click of a button or by making a simple phone call.

2. Education – technology is increasingly being used inside and outside the classroom. It is being used in innovative ways in order to aide in teaching. The internet, for example, is being used to give out grades, assignments and even lessons.

Ways technology can HARM communication

1. A person can very easily become addicted to the internet. It is a powerful tool that allows people to stay in constant contact. Through the internet people are able to play online games, communicate via social media sites and share whatever they please. Internet addiction can lead to many strains in relationships. Such as those between children and their families. A child can spend countless hours on a computer, all the while the child may be communicating with friends, but no real socializing is being accomplished. All the time spent on a computer takes away from family time as well as physical and other engaging activities. A study found that increased use of the internet led to loneliness and inhibited ability to manage time. Thus, it’s important to limit your time spent on the internet.

2. Technology can also affect romantic relationships. Studies have shown that couples who discuss serious matters over the phone are less likely to maintain their relationship.

Technology will continue to maintain a key role in society. Although it can come with many benefits, we must make sure to use it carefully and in moderation.

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