How will mobile impact learning?

Its' no secret that technology is redefining the way we learn. Mobile in particular, holds immeasurable possibilities in the areas of access, quality and flexibility.

Here's a look at some of the key ways that mobile is impacting the education sector.

One of the benefits of mobile is its potential to hone in on the user's unique learning methods. The current trend is to make content more suitable to support learning behaviors. This is known as responsive design.

In addition geo-location sensitive learning is aimed at providing access to the most relevant information by analysing the user's activity.

What makes mobile so attractive is its ability to deliver information in a fun, engaging and convenient way. In fact one of the fastest growing sub-sects of mobile is called gamification. Research shows that mobile quizzes and assessments are on the rise and will continue to grow.

Real-time tools are also becoming a common part of the mobile user experience as video's and simulators are developed to provide more insight and understanding.

This is especially useful when teaching specific skills or competencies.

At the moment mobile is primary used to augment the more traditional learning platforms. However, mobile learning is becoming a necessity as it provides access to invaluable content outside of the classroom.

2015 Mobile Learning Trends Infographic
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