How To Withdraw SASSA Relief Fund

Social relief involves providing immediate and short-term assistance to families that need help. SASSA provides grants which are paid out to qualifying beneficiaries in need of assistance.

How do SASSA payments work?

Payments are done in the following ways:

  • Payment will be done through direct deposit into your own Bank Account or
  • Through cash transfer option which goes to the cell phone and can be cashed at the bank ATM of your choice.

Applicants who do not have a bank account will be able to select a bank of their choice between the following 4 banks to receive a cash transfer payment:


Where no choice is made as to how to receive the payment, SASSA will send the payment through the Post Office. All asylum seekers and special permit holders will be paid through
the post office, where a personal appearance, with the revant documents will be required to prove identity before payment is affected.

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UPDATE: new information has been released since this article was published. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.



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