ICT programme prepares future professionals

A new ICT work readiness initiative aims to equip graduates for the workplace while boosting the digital sector.

Despite its rapid growth in South Africa there is a massive skills shortage in the ICT sector according to the Bank Sector Education and Training Authority (BankSeta)

A Stats SA report revealed that the ICT sector is currently larger than the agricultural industry. This is good news for the economy but bad news for unskilled workers.

“The ICT sector is growing and few have given thought to long-term career planning and future ICT skills needs within the priorities of the country.” - Masithuthuke Holdings Pty Ltd.

The sector has the potential to stimulate job creation, both directly and indirectly, yet these opportunities are severely under-utilized due to various developmental barriers in South Africa says Masithuthuke Holdings Pty Ltd.

Structural barriers

The economic sustainability and profitability of the ICT sector is influenced by scale and the critical mass phenomenon. Critical mass occurs when a sufficient number of users have adopted a new system in order to make it self-sustaining.

“Critical mass is achieved when half the population has a broad band connection, South Africa has not yet reached critical mass.”

Structural investments are required in rural and remote areas in order to successfully develop this lucrative industry.