ICT training to boost SMME's


South Africa has a massive IT skills shortage in the chemical sector. The sector together with academia is required to help the country build capacity needed to develop a digital economy. The Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority (CHIETA) in partnership with Masithuthuke Holdings Pty Ltd is responding by establishing a programme that allows small businesses to undergo intense new venture creation skills coupled with 4iR courses which is followed by experiential training.

How are the chemical enterprises going to benefit from this skills programme?

Creation of successful SMME’s to foster skills transfer among entrepreneurs.
Empower beneficiaries with knowledge and skills in order to access local business opportunities.

Why do you think there a shortage of skills in the ICT sector and what needs to be done to address this shortage?

The state of the South African economy continues to restrict growth in the demand for ICT skills as the world moves towards embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Digital skills shortages have become a major challenge and fortunately for programmes such as these that Masithuthuke Holdings is implementing, this will go a long way in closing the gap that is so desperately needed to equip SMMEs with high-end skills to enable them to run their business more effectively on their operational workloads.

Is the programme for black owned businesses? If yes, why?

The programme is targeting black owned businesses i.e. Scale Ups and Start-ups that have previously not had access to such skills programmes to assist them to work more innovatively, gain new ICT skills, accumulate credits towards learning areas.

Are there going to be more of these programmes in the future, especially spread throughout other provinces?

Masithuthuke Holdings Pty Ltd is currently implementing similar ICT work readiness programmes in KZN, Gauteng and Western Cape to unemployed graduates.

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