Identify your skill gap

How do you find the missing link in your skill set?

It might be common practice for companies to assess the skill levels of their employees, but how often do individuals perform a personal skills analysis.

In the video 'Identify Your Skill Gap' you will learn how to identify the skills that are needed to be successful at work.

In the past people could easily decide on the most effective learning path for their chosen careers.

For example if you wanted to become a lawyer you would find a study programme that offers the degree you need to practice law.

Today the study path is not always as simple and direct. Emerging job roles demand a wide mix of skills and knowledge that can't always be found in one academic course.

So how do you know what you need to learn? These three questions will help you identify any missing skills:

What challenge in your work excites you?

"If you begin by focusing on what excites you, you'll naturally play to your strengths and stay motivated."

Look at the practical elements of the task. Spend a few minutes outlining what it entails and why it is important.

What are your obstacles?

"How do you feel unprepared to meet that challenge?"

Be specific about why you feel ill-equipped to effectively perform your duties. Do you need knowledge, practical training or experience to better execute your role?

"Maybe your obstacles are more institutional, like knowing how to manage your team well."

Which skill do you need?

"Hone in on what single skill you need to feel more confident in addressing the challenge."

You don't have to know everything to feel confident. Instead focus on one or two skills that you can improve in order to become an asset to your company.

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Or watch the video for more insights.

By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing

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