The impact of one-on-one training

A personalised approach to training can often be the most valuable to certain individuals. There is a great need for this type of coaching and not many training companies offer this.

The effectiveness of one-on-one training sessions, will allow a Facilitator to present very interactive sessions with the Learner. Consequently the Facilitator will be able to concentrate on the individual’s specific needs, pertaining to their speciality in their line of work and working conditions.

The individual’s goals will be more paramount. The Trainer can then slightly tailor the training examples or training method, to suit the individual’s needs. This will result in spending more time on processes that will be more relevant to the individual’s job, while spending only a short time on other, less-relevant areas.

Some individuals might find that they struggle to analyse and criticise texts, and that they struggle to identify and explain the values, attitudes and assumptions in texts. Some individuals might find it challenging to use the correct grammar, spelling or punctuation.

By enrolling for the Creative Writing and Editing course, with the Academy Training Group, we will be able to assist you in developing on your skills, in the following areas (touching only a few points):
How to analyse certain texts;
What is values, attitudes and assumptions in texts;
The effects of content, language and style of writing;
Punctuation, grammar and spelling.

By Lana Kornelius

We recently, successfully presented this course, by ways of the one-on-one method, to a certain individual from G-Fleet. His written response was: “This course will help me to improve my writing skills.”
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